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Bought a New BODi Bike? This is Learn how to Set It Up

Bought a New BODi Bike? This is Learn how to Set It Up


Finally, your modern, new BODi Bike has arrived. Your sneakers are on tight, your towel and water bottle are shut at hand. You’re one hundred pc able to expertise the superior, completely customized, studio-quality at-home biking expertise that solely the BODi Bike and BODi Bike Studio biking can ship.

However earlier than you hit the digital street, you’ll need to take a few minutes to verify your new bike is correctly arrange and adjusted for you. This ensures you get an incredible exercise, most consolation, and lowered danger of harm.

Learn how to Set Up Your New MYX Bike

If you happen to’re going to spend hours within the saddle every week, it’ll assist to verify your bike’s seat and handlebars are positioned correctly. Right here’s how one can absolutely customise your bike so it’s the proper match for you.

Seat top

Gif showing how to adjust seat height on BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

The purpose on this step is to set your seat to the peak of your hip bone.

  • Stand subsequent to your bike seat along with your toes flat on the ground. Then, carry the knee that’s closest to the seat, and place your palm on the highest of your thigh, at your hip.

In case your seat is increased or decrease than your palm, you’ll need to alter your seat top accordingly.

To regulate seat top:

  • Discover the pin situated on the base of the slide bar, and switch the knob till the seat publish loosens. Make sure that to assist the seat along with your different hand as you pull out the pin and alter the seat top.
  • When you’ve discovered your required top, launch the pin so it engages within the appropriate place gap, and tighten the knob till you hear a click on to safe it in place.

Seat depth

Gif of Woman Adjusting Seat of BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

Place your elbow on the nostril of the seat (the half dealing with ahead) and prolong your forearm to the entrance — your fingertips ought to simply barely graze the bottom of your handlebars.

To regulate the seat ahead or backward:

  • Find the knob beneath the seat and loosen it to maneuver the seat to your required depth.
  • Repeat the fingertip take a look at to verify the seat is correctly adjusted, then retighten the knob to verify your seat is safe.

Handlebar top

Gif of how to adjust handlebar height of BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

The handlebars ought to be at seat top or increased. If you happen to favor a extra upright place (or in the event you’re pregnant), you may need to place your handlebars increased for higher consolation.

To regulate the handlebar top:

  • Have one other individual assist the load of the handlebars from beneath, then loosen the knob and pull the pin outward to disengage it from the place gap.
  • Increase or decrease the bars to a snug place, then launch the pin to have interaction within the place gap on the top of your selection, and tighten the knob to safe it in place.

Handlebar depth

Gif of how to adjust handlebar depth on BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

In your consolation, you might need to alter the depth of your handlebars utilizing the knob within the heart of the bars.

To regulate the handlebar depth:

  • Loosen the knob and slide the handlebars into the place that feels finest to you.
  • As soon as you discover the correct spot, flip the knob again to safe the handlebars in place.

Earlier than Getting on the Bike

One essential security reminder: Make sure that the realm round your bike is obvious of any obstacles that might get in the way in which. Maintain kids, pets, and any objects away from the bike. While you’re pedaling, the wheels transfer quick and might be harmful if obstructed.

The BODi Bike’s pedals are twin entry. One aspect options cages, which can work with any train shoe, whereas the opposite aspect is embedded with SPD clips, that are made particularly for biking sneakers.

With regards to your footwear, we suggest biking sneakers for his or her improved stability and safety on the bike. Earlier than buying biking sneakers, be certain that they’re suitable with SPD clips, and be sure you comply with the directions that got here with them to correctly set up the cleats to the underside of every shoe.

If you happen to’re not sporting biking sneakers, stiff-soled sneakers strapped into the cages is an effective different. If you happen to’re sporting sneakers with laces, be certain that the laces are tied and tucked away. When all that’s achieved, you’re able to get on the bike.

Learn how to Safely Clip or Strap Into Your BODi Bike

The BODi Bike helps the usage of both biking sneakers or regular exercise sneakers. Right here’s how one can safe your toes to the pedals.

Clipping in with biking sneakers

Gif of Clipping in to BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

  • Stand over the bike along with your toes on both aspect of it. Make sure that the pedal you’re clipping in to is in its lowest place, flat, and clip-side up.
  • Together with your foot on the pedal, slide the lip of the cleat down into the pedal, till you hear a click on, then press your heel down.
  • When you hear a second click on, you already know the cleat is safe. As soon as that’s achieved, have a seat and safe the opposite shoe the identical means.

Strapping in with sneakers

Gif Showing how to Strap in to BODI Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

  • Stand over the bike along with your toes on both aspect of it.
  • Place one foot within the pedal’s cage, with the widest a part of your foot over the axis of the pedal, then sit down in your bike. Place the opposite foot within the different cage.
  • One after the other, slowly attain down and pull the straps to tighten the pedal’s cage. You’ll need a comfortable match, nevertheless it shouldn’t really feel uncomfortably tight.
  • Thread the surplus strap by way of the clip and, if desired, tuck it away.

Testing Your Bike’s Settings

These are some cues to search for when figuring out the correct really feel of your bike.

Seat top

Graphic Demonstrating how to test seat height with BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

As soon as your toes are safe, prolong one leg in order that that pedal is on the six o’clock place. What you’re searching for is a slight bend within the knee of your prolonged leg.

  • If the bend in your leg is simply too large, you’ll want to lift the seat.
  • In case your leg is straight with no bend in your knee, you’ll have to decrease the seat.

Seat depth

Graphic Demonstrating Woman Testing Seat Depth of BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

As soon as your toes are safe, convey one foot to a ahead, three o’clock place — your kneecap ought to be over the middle of your foot.

  • In case your knee is in entrance of the ball of your foot, you’ll want to maneuver the seat again.
  • If the ball of your foot is in entrance of your knee, you’ll want to maneuver the seat ahead.

Handlebar place

Graphic Demonstrating how to test handlebar height on BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

Place your palms on the surface corners of the handlebars and examine to be sure you have a slight bend in your elbows.

  • In case your arms are straight, elevate the handlebars.
  • In case your arms are too bent, decrease the handlebars.

If you happen to’re tall and your seat is all the way in which again and you’re feeling you must transfer the handlebars farther away from you, you can also make that adjustment by loosening the knob on high of the handlebars and sliding them away from you to achieve your required depth. As soon as it’s in place, retighten the knob.

Getting off Your Bike

To get off your bike safely, unclip or uncage one foot at a time.

If you happen to’re unclipping your biking sneakers:

  • Make sure that one pedal is at its lowest place. Twist your heel outward, then pull your foot up and away from the pedal.
  • Subsequent, pedal your different foot to the bottom place, inserting the primary foot flat on the bottom. From there, you’ll unclip your different foot.

If you happen to’re sporting common sneakers,

  • Make sure that one pedal is at its lowest place. Loosen the cage’s strap, then slowly slip your foot out and to the bottom.
  • Repeat this on the opposite aspect.

Congratulations! That’s all the pieces you must know to start out using your new BODi Bike! If you happen to’re sharing this bike, we suggest noting your settings so you’ll be able to rapidly and simply reset your bike earlier than use.

See you in school!


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